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We have been coming to Woodlands for two years now. We have been here 6 or 7 times and absolutely love the place!
We love the “tranquil setting’’, abundance of bird life and the entire “getaway’’ experience!

We normally start and end our business trips here as a relaxing way of starting and ending our journey…

It is for this reason that we are extremely concerned at some suggested changes allegedly in the pipeline for 2019 – changes including a conference center being plonked in the middle of absolute bliss.
It is said that change is good and, if it is carefully considered change, we agree, however, we would like to ask that the charm of Woodlands is upheld.

Please don’t bring JOHANNESBURG to Woodlands!
If it is about extra income, perhaps explore more aggressive marketing to bird watchers, hikers, 4×4, etc.

Please protect the charm of Woodlands.

Woodlands Replied:

Good evening Jonathon

Thank you so much for your very valued support of us here at Woodlands Stop Over & Lodge. We do appreciate it.

We should also like to thank you very much for taking the time to jot down your thoughts, comments and your appreciation for Woodlands.

We value all of them and would like to assure you that it is not our plan to change the atmosphere or ambiance of Woodlands in any way while we are still in control of the business.

This is also where we live and we, too, enjoy the quiet tranquil environment.

Our new VIEWING DECK (which we hope you do like?) will be handled very carefully and cautiously.

It is not be a conference center or party venue as we do not allow music on the premises and as you know we do not encourage alcoholic drinking or loud noise after 2200 hrs at night.

Hence the dilemma for us? Slow and thoughtful progress is taking place.

We are, however, needing to host certain functions in order to utilize it more but we will be selecting and promoting a very select and personalized type of meeting during the day (ONLY), which we would be able to control carefully.

(Help and suggestions of what we could host would be gratefully received)

We are looking into the Wifi signal on the deck plus some sort of cooling system for 8 hour day time meetings!

All a “work in progress” situation.

We continue to strive for excellence in all the areas we operate in and the TRANQUIL SETTING that we have worked very hard to create and market will not be destroyed by any huge rowdy function. That will certainly not happen here!

We do hope that you feel confident to come back often in the future without fear of it being any different — if anything — only better!!

Again, thank you for your support and lovely review of us.


Hi Anne,

Trusting this message finds you well today – thanks so much for your feedback – sincerely appreciated.

As above, just to reinforce that we have absolute confidence in you and your team and trust you to do the right thing going forward as you have been doing for so long – we just really love the atmosphere of Woodlands Stop Over and Lodge which you have created, and the special charm that exists within its current structures.

P.S. also just to let you know we are definitely planning to be there again soon.

Jonathan Misken
Johannesburg - RSA

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